Crazy Time

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Crazy Time is one of the most popular online casino entertainment, which is a game show based on spinning the wheel like the game Dream Catcher, but with more interesting bonus features. Crazy Time is an addictive game that gives you huge multipliers up to 25,000x, as well as lots of excitement and fun. The game has 4 bonus games for which users spend a long time betting in Crazy Time.

Crazy Time Live Stream Gambling

Crazy Time is a multiplayer gambling game in which all the gameplay in Crazy Time is based on spinning the wheel, which makes the host of the show, after making bets. The game is a live stream in which the gameplay is displayed in real time.

Crazy Time gambling game

Basically, the game has multipliers of x1, x2, x5, x10, each with a certain fraction of probability. The higher the multiplier, the lower the chance of getting one.

Additionally, for each bet an additional multiplier can fall out, which is assigned at the start of each new round. The size of the additional multiplier can be from x2 to x50.

Bonus Games in Crazy Time

The main goal of the player is to catch one of the bonus games, in which a win is definitely guaranteed. Coin Flip is the most frequent one.

Coin Flip bonus game

This bonus game determines which of the two multipliers will play. First the scoreboard shows 2 multipliers from 2x to 100x and then the leader tosses a coin. Depending on which side of the coin fell, red or blue, such multiplier bet and will play.

Coin Flip bonus game

On the Crazy Time playing field there are two sectors with Coin Flip bonus game.

Pachinko bonus game

This bonus game is the second highest degree of excitement. In Pachinko the leader goes to the game wall on which there are many legs in chess order. Then at the bottom of the playing field appear possible multipliers from 2x to a maximum of 10000x. The leader launches the ball, which begins to move down, bouncing off the set obstacles, and at the end hits the cell with the final multiplier. It is in Pachinko players in Crazy Time most often get big money prize.

Pachinko bonus game

For the bonus game Pachinko worth a try live video game Crazy Time. When the playing field of the ball hits the cell DOUBLE, all set multipliers are multiplied by 2 times, DOUBLE can fall several times in a single game round, thereby increasing the winning money.

On the Crazy Time game board is located two sectors with a bonus Pachinko.

Cash Hunt bonus game

The third level of excitement in the bonus game Crazy Time is Cash Hunt, where you will need to select a single cell, which will be your winnings.

Cash Hunt bonus game

First, the host goes to the Cash Hunt game screen which will contain 108 random multipliers on a 9 by 12 cell playing field. After the demonstration of these multipliers, the presenter pulls the lever, thereby starting the shuffle multipliers, which are closed and are subsequently displayed as random symbols. When the shuffle stops, the player has to choose which of the cells of the playing field to choose by pressing the screen. When the game stops, all cells on the screen open and the selected cell opens a multiplier by which to multiply your bet.

With maximum luck you will be lucky enough to find a prize with a multiplier of up to 1000x.

On the playing field of Crazy Time there are 2 sectors with a Cash Hunt bonus.

Crazy Time bonus game

If a Crazy Time bonus game falls on a reel, be prepared for huge winnings! Analysis of the probability of falling out bonus feature Crazy Time shows a chance of about 1% on each rotation. And getting a bathing bonus is a great deal of luck!

Crazy Time bonus game

When activating this bonus feature, the presenter goes to a separate room where there is a big wheel with multipliers of cash prizes. The player has to choose 1 of three flags – yellow, green or blue. Then the leader presses the red button, which starts the rotation of the wheel. When the wheel stops, the player gets the multiplier on it. If the player guessed the color of the flag, the multipliers are doubled or tripled, and the presenter starts the wheel again.

Rounds can be repeated until the multipliers reach the maximum 20000x.

Betting multipliers

At the start of each round in the additional playing field above the wheel, 2 reels are triggered. The first with the choice of one of the fields of the wheel, the second with the final multiplier.

Multipliers can reach 50x, and if the first reel and the sector on the playing wheel is the same, the final winnings are multiplied by the value from the second reel. And it can be a really huge winnings in Crazy Time, even without activating the bonus feature.

The second reel total multiplier works for the regular fields as well as for all the bonus features.

Crazy Time live game statistics

Crazy Time can help you win with analytics and wheel spin statistics which you can keep on your own by opening your history with round totals. Or, you can use ready services which keep statistics and predict the fast falling out of certain fields on the basis of mathematical calculation.

Crazy Time game tracker

In online tracker you can see the history of the maximum multipliers for a certain period of playing sessions. The information is available for 1, 6, 24 and 72 hours of the game. The necessary time interval can be chosen and detailed stats can be received.

The results display in the tracker can be viewed as a percentage or as a graph.

Place bets in Crazy Time based on the score of certain sectors of the wheel. The game should be approached wisely to be able to increase your balance. You can get an estimate of today’s stats on a variety of online services.

Spin History

Many services keep a history of spins of the wheel in the game Crazy Time. In their results, you can find:

  1. Last activated bonus games;
  2. History of additional multipliers;
  3. Results of the regular multipliers;
  4. Maximum amounts won by players;
  5. Maximum multiplier on the bet.

All these data can be seen for the period of time you need. The spinning history of the wheel is taken in real time and displays a text version of the live stream.

Always make an assessment of the scores and history of spinning the wheel in Crazy Time, it helps the player to make big winnings.

Crazy Time Round Prediction

Crazy Time is called the best gamble for a reason, because no matter how precisely you calculate the approximate chance of getting the right cell, the slot can stop just one divider to the required sector. Large multipliers or bonus games can fall out 2 or more times in a row, which is impossible to predict mathematically.

Therefore, a direct prediction of the right multiplier is almost impossible. The player can roughly predict the time of the multiplier or a particular bonus game based on the calculation of the average probability, based on the overall game history.

How to bet in Crazy Time

Before the round starts, players will have 15 seconds to place their chips on fields with multipliers or bonus games.

Depending on the online casino game currency you choose, you will have a fixed betting amount, which is set on the casino website.

How to place a bet in Crazy Time

In a video slot Crazy Time selected very convenient size bets. Amount denoted by chips with denomination money.

Bets can be 1, 5, 10, 50, 250 and 1000 dollars.

Any amount from your balance can distribute the amount bet on the desired multipliers or bonus games. But the bet can not exceed the size of the balance and is additionally limited to a certain amount.

For simple multipliers in the main game

  • 1x – The maximum bet to 25 thousand dollars.
  • 2x – Bet size up to $20 thousand
  • 5x – Bet limit up to $15 thousand
  • 10x – Betting limit up to $10,000

In bonus games

  • Coin Flip – $5 Thousand dollars
  • Pachinko – $2.5 thousand
  • Cash Hunt – $2.5 thousand
  • Crazy Time – $1.25 thousand.

If during the spinning of the Crazy Time wheel your balance decreased and you want to continue betting, it is possible to open the top up section of the site. As soon as the money comes in, it will appear in the balance of the game in the next round.

Auto play mode

If you aim to catch a certain multiplier or bonus game, you can fix the bet size on certain fields and set the desired number of rounds.

Crazy Time Live Casino Game

What makes this live show game really exciting is the dealer who leads the whole game, rotates the reel, triggers the mini-games and communicates with the players who are writing their messages in the live chat. Almost every modern online casino has Crazy Time, as this game gathers 10,000 active players at its most active hours. The average online player is about 3,500 each time period, which is really a lot.

Sites where to play Crazy Time

For players, we recommend 5 of the best sites that exist where you can play Crazy Time, here is their list:

  1. 22Bet
  2. 1x bet
  3. Cbet
  4. 1Win
  5. MostBet

Game Tactics

It’s important to know that in Crazy Time, a lot depends on the tactics of the game and on the operation of the money stakes. You can choose a strategy by which you will catch, for example, a multiplier of 10x, and as soon as you get 9 losses in a row, double your bet. In the case of a roll of the number 10 and the additional multiplier on it, you get a really big money.

This tactic will be the most winning Crazy Time game, as it will increase the number of rounds for your bankroll and get a guaranteed win, as opposed to trying to catch bonus features.

A player’s developed pattern of hunting specifically for bonus features can bring you a lot more money, but there is a risk that the bonus games will be delayed. Or the player will get the minimum bet multiplier, which will not justify its cost. This is most common for the minigame in the Coin Flip bonus feature.


This information will be useful to players who are looking at the game Crazy Time and want to play it for real money:

What is the maximum payout in Crazy Time slot?

The maximum payout to the player is $500,000 for 1 round regardless of his bet size.

Who is the developer of Crazy Time?

This live show game is developed by Evolution Gaming.

What bonus games are in Crazy Time

Crazy Time video slot has several mini-games these are: Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt and Crazy Time. Each of them is activated in the game with a certain percentage of probability.

Is it possible to talk to the live dealer of Crazy Time?

You can write your message addressed to the players or a live dealer in the in-game chat.

What is the RTP at Crazy Time?

The highest percentage return per game (RTP) is 96.08% but it all depends on what multipliers or bonus games you play. Each playing field has its own average RTP.

What is the maximum multiplier in Crazy Time?

There are 2 types of multiplier in this video slot – the main multiplier and the extra multiplier. The main multiplier can be up to 20000x in a Crazy Time mini-game (on multiple DOUBLE and TRIPLE sectors) while the extra multiplier can be up to 50x.

Can I play Crazy Time in an online casino?

Yes, and in almost any online casino. Developer Evolution Gaming widely presents its games in both the newest and most popular online casinos. We recommend you choose a licensed casino, the site which verified the regulator and the players.

Crazy Time Game